With its difficulties and alterations in today’s world, the demand for IT professionals continues to grow. Digital transformation is affecting more and more areas, and the need for these professionals is growing exponentially.

One of the primary skills in this context is knowledge of the programming language. However, today there is an inappropriate number, and what to master – remains a mystery for many.

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To do this, you need to follow the development of the IT industry and analyze which technologies are most in-demand and promising. This will help you to remain a sought-after specialist and provide yourself with constant orders and decent earnings.

Let’s try to understand what programming language to learn in 2021, and whose way and do not look.

A variety of coding areas

Before you focus your thoughts and energy on learning a new skill, it’s essential to understand what you see yourself in the future. The final choice will depend on it.

For beginners, the first on the list should be:

  • Go;
  • Ruby;
  • PHP or Python.

This standard will allow you to develop experience in coding to qualify for more severe and highly paid projects.

If you already know what area you want to work in, it will help with the choice. See yourself as a software engineer working to create, fix, and improve software? Then look towards the three JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Do you dream of working as a front-runner and creating beautiful and functional sites? Choose the famous three again. But if you want to build a career as a back-end developer, then teach Jawa, PHP, Ruby, or Python.

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The developer of the complete cycle will not be hindered by extensive knowledge in several areas. Naturally, no one will expect you to know all the languages of the interface and the server part, but the basis for quality work will have to learn.

See yourself as a mobile developer? Choose Swift or Kotlin, depending on which operating system you want to create apps for.

However, other criteria should be guided when choosing a technology to study—for example, flexibility. There are almost no competitors in it. Or high wages. Then you need to master Swift, Rust, Cotlin, and Go. Or maybe a lot of vacancies? In this case, you should look at the popularity rating, and here the leader is Python. Read, analyze, choose.

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Current programming languages 2021

What are the top programming languages of 2021? We have compiled a list based on average wages, popularity, demand, complexity, and employment opportunities. As always, The final choice is yours.


Javascript is most fashionable among developers, primarily because of its versatility. Knowing it, you can work on a variety of projects, from website design to mobile apps.

It is with him begin to familiarize themselves with the world of coding all IT workers. It is pretty simple in the comp raising and perfectly interacts with his fellows.

You can get some basic Javascript tutorials here.

There are always plenty of vacancies for its developers because there are few web resources without its application. By the way, in Android applications, it is also actively used.

Its benefits:

  • An abundance of open-source libraries;
  • Flexible syntax and working with major browsers
  • Broad support for different apps
  • Application on most modern Internet resources;
  • extensive community support.

The disadvantages include that it is read differently by each browser, making it somewhat challenging to write code and used in game development, mobile applications, web servers.

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Python is another powerful and versatile language, which is also recommended for beginners. Its popularity is due to a wide range of uses. It is used in scientific computing, machine learning, analytics, information visualization, animation, and web applications. It is used in very different areas and most often in data analysis. Therefore, if you are fond of algorithms and information processing, it is worth taking up the study of Python. Moreover, this is a hot topic today because most companies extract information from data analysis to develop their markets.

Its benefits:

  • Versatility
  • Cross-platforming;
  • Popularity in many areas.

Its main drawback, which highlights all without exception web admins, is slowness. But what do you not sacrifice for a well-paid job?


Compared to the previous, Go is relatively new but already quite successful. It is effortless to master modern syntax. It has open-source, which makes it very easy to create quality software. The ideal area of its application is system programming. Additional spaces – audio/video editing, a lot of data.

Go was developed by Google as a worthy alternative to C and Java. Today it is one of the most used in Silicon Valley. Its main advantages are to support threading, simultaneous process work, and a decent library by default. It’s excellent for creating one-page applications.

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Of the disadvantages, it is worth noting the apparent lack of versatility and the lack of a graphical interface library.

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What is the rating of programming languages 2021 without Swift? Used to develop iOS, it’s as popular as Apple devices. It’s modern, fast, and security-oriented. Therefore, his study will allow him to find a job quickly and to claim a decent salary.

But, Swift does not fit the role of the start in the development. Due to its specific use, it is still worth leaving it for later. Its benefits:

  • Scalability of projects
  • Pure and simple syntax
  • Excellent error handling function.

Disadvantages include relatively meager cross-platform support, limited resources, and poor, backward compatibility.

Here are some free resources on Swift.


The demand of Kotlin guarantees the popularity of the Android mobile operating system because it is used to develop applications for it.

It was initially created for a virtual Java machine, so it’s compatible and supports functional programming languages.

It is relatively new, which means that the competition in the labor market in its direction is much less. And it’s easier to study than the same Jawa. In addition, it can work in different environments.

Its benefits:

  • Good compatibility with Java;
  • Rapid growth
  • A clear and compact codebase
  • Easy service.

Here is the link to Kotlin community where you can take all the help needed.


Even though some programmers consider it obsolete, it remains quite popular in the Internet environment. A lot of sites on WordPress operate using it as a baseline. Their total number, according to studies, reaches 79%.

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PHP is a powerful tool for coding server applications and compared to other script languages. It’s easy to learn. And today, there are enough frameworks to help simplify the work of writing code with it.

Its merits:

  • An easy start in web page creation
  • Huge community support
  • A large ecosystem
  • Effective automation tools.

Cons include slow development and poor handling of errors. Here are some free basic PHP guides.

C/C ++

Both languages continue to be operated by current system-level specialists. They are complex, and especially for beginners. They don’t have garbage collection, zero security, and other valuable features. But they have significant advantages:

  • Cross-platforming;
  • The ability to mix with other languages
  • Creating fast binary files
  • Optimizing code for any processor.

Language C is a legend, and knowledge of its basics is necessary for every programmer who strives for professionalism in the profession.

What to study?

After reviewing the popular programming languages of 2021, you will only have to choose the right one. But which one? It is worth understanding that today there is a demand for programmers with knowledge of any language. And the search for a job depends on the ability. If you already know one language, then there will be no problems with mastering the second language. And the third so in general will learn to one or two.

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If we talk about the above options, we can rely on the scope of their application here. JavaScript and Python are hugely valued in the world of startups. Their study presents enormous market opportunities. Java and PHP are relevant in the corporate world. Many companies use them as their server web environment.

There are still R and MATLAB, popular in the world of analytics. Their knowledge will help to make a career in data science.

To make a decision, you should read the results of the TIOBE rating. It reflects how often the language of coding is mentioned on the Internet. This index helps to determine the pure popularity of a particular web development technology because it is calculated based on the results of 25 search engines.

If you look at the winners by year, you get the following picture:

  • 2010 – Python
  • 2011 – Objective-C
  • 2012 – Objective-C
  • 2013 – SQL
  • 2014 – JavaScript
  • 2015 – Java
  • 2016 – Go
  • 2017 – C
  • 2018 – Python
  • 2019 – C
  • 2020 – Java

You can see the demand for languages of the last decade and make the right choice on this list. Although, in reality, there is no right and wrong decision. There is a desire to work hard and develop in the chosen direction. And here are very different qualities.

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Where to start?

Whether you’re an experienced programmer or just starting, learning new knowledge is one of the best ways to build a thriving IT career.

But what method of learning to trust? It is better to rely on your schedule, availability of free time, and available resources.

Very young professionals can try to enlist the support of a higher education institution and get a diploma. A less expensive way is to take a training course. It ensures that practical skills are sufficient to get entry-level jobs.

The cheapest way is to learn on your own. If you are confident in your self-discipline and are determined, you can try to learn new technologies with tutorials, videos, and information on the Internet.

No matter which path you choose, one thing is for sure: there is no better time to master a new skill or start a career as a programmer.


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