Meditation at work? Why not? Because it is in the office that we are often overtaken by stress!

You may be giving aside a few minutes for meditation before the start of the day. Maybe you’re also giving her time in the evening. Meditation helps you connect with yourself and relax. So why not give her a couple more minutes in the middle of the day?

You probably think you’re too busy a person to find time to meditate in the hectic working days, but think about everything you do during the day.

Do you have a regular lunch break or eat right at your desk? Do you sometimes want to break out of your work routine for at least a few minutes? You can do it!

You can meditate at work if you have a few minutes to go for lunch or go somewhere. You can find a quiet place where you can immerse yourself for a few minutes. You can even do it right at your desk.

To learn meditation at work, you need to go back to basics in a way. Remember when you first started meditating and were entirely focused on counting breaths, calming your body, or trying to clear your consciousness? It is the same with meditation at work – you only master the basics of meditation in a turbulent environment.

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You may have already heard this statement:

If you are busy, meditate for half an hour. If you are very busy, meditate for an hour.

This may sound contradictory in terms of fulfilling all the tasks. Still, if you can break away from work and arrange a psychological break several times a day, you will clear consciousness, calm your emotions, focus better, and cope with stress. And no matter how much chaos reigns in your workplace, small breaks for meditation are sure to benefit you!

The secret to successful meditation at work is not to create the perfect atmosphere of zen or to achieve complete solitude. It usually just isn’t possible. If you don’t work in a private office, where you can turn off your phone and hang a giant neon “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, chances are you’ll have to deal with frequent and sometimes noisy disturbances. But the irony is that you can use these disturbances to your advantage. And now you’re going to find out exactly how.

Meditation while walking: on the way to work.

This is probably the most effortless meditation you can take advantage of if you don’t work in a private office or can’t find a place where you’re no one, and nothing will bother you. Walking meditation is an active meditation. Instead of focusing on breathing or object, you concentrate on walking sensations. During such meditation, you are aware of everything that is going on around you, but all this is not directly involved in meditation. You focus on your body and its movements, on the process of walking and the accompanying physical sensations – touching your feet with the road, the whiff of wind on your skin, how your body works together to move forward as a result of the slightest conscious effort on your part!

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Meditate while walking on each walk, even if it lasts only two minutes. Feel everything that surrounds you. Listen to everything around you—the sound of the printer, the knock on the keys, the phone. Feel the warmth of the sun if you are outside. As you walk, absorb these sounds and sensations. Don’t think about current affairs and focus on the action you’re doing right now – walking. Do this meditation on the way to a business meeting to calm your nerves. Do it when you go for a snack. If possible, take breaks outside to breathe fresh air during the walk. It is also helpful because you are physically moving away from work and can spend some time alone with yourself where no one asks you for anything!

Meditation at your desk

This meditation is a little more difficult if you share an office with other employees (unless you explain exactly what you are doing). This does not mean that they should all be silent and walk around you on tiptoe. It’s quite the opposite! It’s better to use office sounds like an object for focus! You can give the mind a command to listen – and so it will do.

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To learn how to use external sounds like an object for focus, you need to practice for a while, but it’s worth it because that’s how you learn to mitigate their influence when you’re trying to focus on something important!

Secluded meditation

If you are at work or somewhere on the street (in the park, etc.), there is a place where you can isolate yourself from work physically, mentally, and emotionally. You can use it as your refuge. In this case, there will be less external interference. But, strangely enough, it may be more difficult for you to distance yourself from internal interference because the inner dialogue will not subside. A technique helps to stop the internal dialogue – the so-called “stone technique”: imagine that your path is blocked by stones that are lying everywhere. You can continue the path, but only with incredible difficulty. These stones are your stressful thoughts. “Raise” these stressful thoughts (stones) one by one, recognize them and remove them aside, realizing that you will return to them later (this will help you keep your consciousness from returning to these thoughts).

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Stone Technique

Studies show that meditation at work helps reduce stress and increase productivity. It is incredibly useful to arrange an emotional rest in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the working day. One of the advantages is that you will think more precisely, and great ideas can come to mind! Commit to include meditation classes in your work schedule and encourage your colleagues to do so.

Tell us, do you meditate during the working day? Please share your stories with us or ask questions. I am looking forward to your comments!


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