Today, to stand out from the competition, you need to use the maximum tools of Internet marketing. And choose what can interest and cause emotions. And there is no equal animation. By the way, it is used not only in games. It allows you to present the benefits of the product in an original and dynamic form and take the business to the next level.

However, there is a slight dilemma – what graphics to prefer? Many will think that everything is simple here, and you need to choose a more modern and popular three-dimensional animation. But it’s a little more complicated than that.

What are 2D and 3D graphics?

To decide which option to apply in creating a video for business, you need to understand the concepts clearly. Modern experts highlight five main types of animation:

  • Traditional;
  • Vector (2D);
  • Computer (3D);
  • Motion Graphics;
  • A doll’s-house.

2D is deciphered from English as “two dimensions.” Images created using this technology have height and width.

But in 3D, another value is added – depth. Thus, the images appear voluminous rather than flat. This creates the so-called presence effect when viewing the video. And now, it is actively used in the film industry. And 3D provides entertainment with the help of various special effects. However, they require powerful devices, which today do not own all.

In any case, animated videos bring a lot of benefits to the business. They are easily perceived, cause interest and surprise, so they are often inspected to the end. Their role in shaping the image of a brand or company is vast, and research and statistics prove it.

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Animation works well in presentations, both online and offline. It can be safely used on the site, social networks, exhibitions, conferences, and as part of an educational project. It will present any information brightly and dynamically, with which ordinary texts or prepared matches cannot cope.

2D and 3D graphics: Benefits

Both types of animation have merits, and it is essential to consider them by opting for an option.

Video 2D will be relevant when the task is to convey emotion. Its origins are animation, where all the scenes were drawn by the artist literally from scratch.

Therefore, this view is worth using if:

  • It is necessary to emphasize the naturalness of the product;
  • It is meant to create an image in which color plays an important role and conveys mood;
  • An appeal to childhood and its attributes is required;
  • The plot is more important than the form.

2D 3D computer graphics have an equal chance of success. And choosing the first option does not mean saving. In this case, it is necessary to follow the tasks that are set before the project.

Video 3D is worth choosing if you need to demonstrate the product in all its glory. It’s realism in its purest form. It’s detailed. It’s depth and immersion.

What is the difference between 2D graphics and 3D graphics?

The first difference, which is worth noting, relates to working on different types of graphics. Creating 3D images is a time-consuming process, and accordingly, the cost of such services is much higher.

As for the technical and visual parts, the following differences should be highlighted:

  • Rotating an object
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In the ER, graphics are possible turns at different angles and the picture at the same time, constantly changing. Whereas in standard space, there is no such effect.

  • Prospects

Large and remote plans are used in the two-dimensional graph to indicate the size of objects. But this does not always allow you to evaluate the picture. And in 3D, it’s simple. When you view it, the dimensions are immediately captured without additional action.

  • Effects

In 3D videos, they are used to the maximum. With the help of technology, you can cause different physical reactions in the audience – a sharp fall, a mind-blowing race, maximum approximation, and in the same spirit.

  • Information

If the textual content is required, it’s best to use 2D technology.

  • Space

2D uses all corners of the screen, while volume “eats” some working pixels at the expense of walls, shadows, and other things.

Types of 2D 3D graphics are effective in different cases, and you need to understand which option will give more effectiveness. The traditional look of animation has more developments, which significantly speeds up the process of creating graphics. And its price is lower.

3D animation is a vast field for creativity and discoveries. Working with it requires more professionalism and artistic talent. And it is not easy to find a decent specialist in this field. But there is always a professional 3D animator on freelance. Remote work for many digital gurus today has become the primary way of earning, except for those who work fruitfully in companies such as Artificial Core.

What to choose?

When faced with the dilemma of choosing between two popular formats, you should consider the goals of the marketing company. If you want to convey more useful information in the text format, then look in the direction of the traditional version. And when it is necessary to surprise something new and creative, choose the volume and special effects.

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Remember that the second will cost more and will require more time to create. The work of a 3D animator is a complex process that involves a lot of work and attention. However, its result exceeds all expectations, especially if you create a multi-platform video, which you can use on different online platforms.

Suppose you need to quickly and as efficiently as possible, then a simple animation to help you. Freelance designers in this area abound, so finding the right artist will not take long. The main thing is to find a person who will bring to life ideas to resonate in the hearts of users. And then you can’t do with professional skills and education. There is no way without creativity in this case. You can evaluate it by getting acquainted with the candidate’s portfolio on freelancing and on the stock exchange also to see reviews of his work.

When hiring a visualizer, be prepared that your views may not coincide, and compromise solutions should be found based on product features, the psychology of the target audience, and other essential marketing metrics. The creative process is the exchange of ideas and the complex search for the one that will shoot the first time. But when this happens, you will forget all the difficulties and fully enjoy the result.

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