Gaming analyst job is suitable for people who like to play and at the same time look for patterns, come up with new ideas and test them. The demand for gaming analysts is growing as today’s business adopts a data-driven approach – decision-making based on data analysis, not intuition or otherwise. Computer and online games are no exception. This is a big industry in which large projects earn a lot of money.

Gaming analyst: Who is it, and what does it do?

In simple terms, the game analyst collects data, which allows you to understand how enjoyable the game is to people and whether it needs to change something. He is also engaged in the economic model. For example, developers might ask a gaimanistic why certain items are not being bought. It will analyze and identify the problem based on the data collected and advise it to fix it. For example, some level is too easy, so the players pass it on their own.

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List of responsibilities of a Gaming analyst:

  1. Identifies metrics to evaluate important game parameters and creates a system out of them. For example, you need to keep track of the level of emotions that players experience and the project’s economic impact. The metrics are combined into dashboards, which display all the critical indicators.
  2. Collects and analyzes data. Some indicators should be checked daily, others once a week, and so on. Checks various anomalies, why they arose, and whether something should be done about it.
  3. Works with the funnel of events in the game and how they affect users.
  4. Looking for ways to improve essential metrics. For example, the percentage of players who return (Retention), the regularity of entry into the game (Sticky Factor), the average number of users online (ACU), and others.
  5. Invents hypotheses and tests them. It can be changed in gameplay, game balance, mechanics, economy.
  6. Makes reports for game designers, marketers, producers.

Game analyst is an exciting profession for people who like computer games, and they enjoy finding patterns, generating new ideas.

Pros and cons of the profession

* Game analytics is a young and promising sphere.
* The ability to work remotely from home.
* High salaries.
* You don’t need a technical background, such as programming experience.
* Interesting work related to computer games.
* You can master the courses or on your own.
* Not everyone likes analytical work.
* Large amounts of data need to be processed.
* You need to track trends in the game dev market, develop, play a lot yourself.
* Sedentary work.

How much Gaming analyst are Paid:

If you look at the vacancies of Game Analyst on popular sites, we will see a big difference in payment – from $20K- to $100K as the average yearly income.

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Beginner game analysts can receive less than the average – from $25K. The salary of a specialist with experience of 1 year is usually about $50K.

To further increase the level of income, you can move into related professions. For example, to become a game designer or producer, whose salary may be higher.

What are the responsibilities of a Gaming analyst:

  • First of all, the analysis of gaming projects needs to understand the genres of computer games, the psychology of players, types of monetization, that is, how money is earned.
  • Some knowledge of marketing is essential, such as how to build sales funnels, segment users.
  • SQL. Be able to make simple database requests to get the information you need, filter it, group it, and do other things.
  • Game Analyst vacancies often require you to know the Python programming language because it is often used to analyze data. You need to master features, classes, arrays, basic analysis libraries, such as Numpy, Scipy, Seaborn, Plotty, etc.
  • The analyst of gaming projects should be able to conduct A/B-testing and draw conclusions.
  • Build reports and present them.
  • Soft Skills skills, such as communicating, building a team, and defending their offers, will also be helpful.
  • It is advisable to know English to read the documentation on it.
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How to become a Gaming analyst and where to study?

The way into the profession is as follows: first, you need to get knowledge and skills. You can do this in the course. Then find a job as a Junior analyst or go on an internship, after which you can be offered a job. As we gain experience, we will move to larger projects.

There are special courses for game analysts at Skillbox university. You can also look out for courses on Udemy.

Where to look for work?

  • Jobs in large companies are usually posted on LinkedIn. If you’re interested in remote employment, see offers that read “You can work from home.
  • There are several projects in Runet that house vacancies in the game dev industry.
  • Many interesting vacancies can be found on Facebook. In particular, Jobs communities work in Gamedev, Job for GameDev, Work for Friends (IT’Startups).

How to find a specialist?

  • If you are ready to hire a beginner, you can ask students for an internship at online universities, for example, in Skillbox.
  • If you want a game analyst with experience, you can add a vacancy to profile groups on social networks.
  • The vacancy of remote work can be placed free of charge on our website.

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