If you want to master the basics of development under iOS but are not sure, it is worth exploring the features ofiOS Development. Today, iOS Development is among the most sought-after vacancies on the market and relatively well-paid. Apple’s mobile products are not out of date, and they are owned by tens of millions of people worldwide. Hence the consistently high demand for specialists who can develop software for Apple operating system.

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However, several factors are worth considering before you plunge into the world of mobile programming.

iOS mobile development: what do you need to know?

First of all, you need to understand the definition of IT craft. An Apple developer is someone with the skills to create and customize apps in the Apple ecosystem.

The first thing you need to work by profession is a Mac, and preferably an iPhone for product testing. These are tools that you can’t do without in this area of development. They should be worried before the beginning of training.

With the essential equipment on hand, you can learn helpful software. First of all, to master:

  • Xcode is an iOS development medium. It’s free software that writes and edits code, tests and debugging applications, and many other essential processes. You can read all about xCode here.
  • Swift is a programming language created by Apple for its own needs. It should be mastered perfectly if there is a desire to earn well.
  • Objective-C is another programming language, Swift’s predecessor. Although it has been in existence since 1984, much of Apple’s codebase is based on it.

In addition, developing iOS apps requires skills such as:

  • Spatial thinking that helps to visualize in three-dimensional space;
  • The ability to create MVC, to give design recommendations;
  • Understanding how to send and receive data from the network
  • Knowledge of frameworks and APIs
  • How to work with databases
  • Owning unit testing
  • English language proficiency.
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But this is not the end of training. Apple company annually releases new versions of software products, as well as new third-party libraries and versions. However, their mastering will be much easier and faster if you are excellent at basic skills.

How are iOS apps developed?

With the necessary knowledge, you can also look for a job. Beginners should try their hand at the freelancing exchange. There’s easier to get into the work project and customer feedback. Performing, albeit small tasks, you can pump the skills well and fill the portfolio.

There are also vacancies on social networks where there are separate groups in this area. Participation in them is also helpful because there are regularly shared valuable tips and resources.

Official websites of companies – another topical option for finding vacancies. It is also worth looking at them to get acquainted with the requirements that are imposed on applicants. Some of them may need to be improved.

The services of employees of this specialization are required in companies from various fields – from game development to food. Employment in any of them takes place after a detailed interview. In addition to specialized skills, serious attention is paid to the personal qualities of the candidate. First of all, stress resistance, self-discipline, attentiveness, and motivation are valued.

If you are looking for jobs in iOS development you can browse here.

As for responsibilities, it is essential to understand that creating a quality program involves many steps. Which of them will have to work depends on the professionalism and experience of the specialist. Thus, the responsibilities of a junior developer can be limited to just a few steps in the creation of a mobile product.

In general, the Mobile Developer post involves not only creating web products but also:

  • Software update for devices running on a known OS
  • Improving and debugging apps
  • Testing products
  • Writing technical documentation
  • Edits according to user feedback.
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The salary of the developer depends on the level of his competence. At the start of his career – it’s Junior, then Middle and Senior. The speed of transition from one level to another depends entirely on the desires and abilities of the specialist.

The pros and cons of iOS Development

The developer Apple has many advantages: consistently high demand, competitive salaries, and creative work, allowing to participate in various projects.

In many IT areas, there is a shortage of specialists, and especially among developers. According to forecasts, the demand for mobile software, as a technology interaction with customers, will only grow. And this will contribute to the creation of new programming jobs, and with it, the growth of professional salaries.

In addition to the financial appeal, the iOS Developer profession is also interesting for flexibility. You can work in this area from any place where there is access to the Internet. For this reason, many professionals choose remote work from home. In addition, freelance employment opens up good prospects for travel and even moving to another country.

Another plus is that there is no need for higher education. It is enough to prove yourself as an excellent specialist, and no one will ask where and how you studied.

If we talk about the shortcomings, we can recall the need for constant training. The rapidly changing world of technology obliges us to keep up with it to remain a sought-after specialist. Naturally, for those who are ready to grow, this is not a disadvantage because there is always something to discover and study in any profession.

Another drawback, which the developers themselves call, is a demanding target audience. They know better, and you can’t argue with that.

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Seven main reasons to become an iOS Developer

If you are a novice programmer and want to develop in the profession, take a closer look at mobile development for apple devices. Here are seven reasons why you should do this:

  • The programming language for iOS Swift development is straightforward to learn. It is easy to start working with even those who are just learning the basics of programming.
  • Fewer supported models mean reducing the time spent testing and optimizing applications for different devices.
  • The iOS environment is more integrated. It has many application programming interfaces (APIs) and provides a suite of services that make it easy to add different features to your app.
  • More predictable updates of the famous operating system allow you to update products quickly and timely by the new version.
  • Apple’s development manuals and documentation are optimized and easily accessible because they are stored in one place on the developers’ iOS website.
  • High demand among companies that need applications to promote delirium offer new products or services to customers.

These are the main reasons, but others also show the attractiveness of this IT profession. As you dive into it, you’ll see even more prospects for you with each new project.


Despite the relatively bright prospects of the profession, it should be understood that it will take years to become an experienced developer. It is necessary to persevere and strive to achieve a high professional level.

You should get to know the Mac ecosystem well if you haven’t worked with it before. Ideally, get all the significant members of the Apple family. This will help you understand the hardware- its functions, sizes, capabilities, and limitations. And also – to imbue apple philosophy, its aesthetics, and values. It is impossible to become great in any field without being passionate about it.

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