The development of mobile applications for Android is a trending trend in the labor market. The Google Play Store produces about 3,000 new products every day! And that’s a good reason to master the skills of a developer on a popular platform. Employment in this specialization is guaranteed, without any doubt. For authenticity, check out the Weblancer order section or visit Linkedin.

And although the age of Android is already ten years, most devices continue to work on a known system. And the demand for developer services is still stable.

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But is everything so rosy in this profession? Is it worth mastering it, and what flaws are present in it? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Android Development: what do you need to know?

Profile knowledge is essential in this specialization. Even if you are a novice developer, you will have to learn a lot additionally. The approximate list of what you need to know is this:

  • Programming languages are Java and Kotlin. Many are limited to the first, but the second is also necessary. Google, for example, stands for its first choice when it comes to developing android apps. And it is essential to own the latest version of the language, as well as its syntax.
  • Structured XML markup language. It’s the one that’s used to create layouts in apps. It is somewhat similar to the familiar HTML but has profound differences.
  • Development Android Studio. IDE officially supports it, so it is worth mastering it. This is the basis on which all new leaderships are built.
  • Database. You need to know how they work and work because if the application handles large amounts of information, you can not do without such platforms.
  • UX/UI design. The struggle for the attention of users is carried out in any web product. And in applications, an intuitive and attractive external interface is also essential.
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You can learn the necessary skills by attending courses for developers. Also, if you have higher education in programming, you can try to master the specialization yourself. There is enough material on the topic on the Internet.

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In addition to technical knowledge, it is essential to be constantly aware of the latest market trends and user preferences. This helps determine the functionality of the future product.

It is also important to have critical thinking. It allows you to maneuver at each stage, and quickly check all possible moments, to avoid errors when writing code.

What is the responsibility of an android developer?

As for the professional responsibilities of a mobile application development specialist, they include solving different tasks. These include:

  • Product design for THES
  • Their publication in stores;
  • Transforming designs into high-quality code
  • Identify and fix errors in the finished product
  • Maintaining code quality
  • Dealing with external data sources and APIs
  • Improving app performance
  • Prepare documentation and instructions for how to deal with them.

Requirements for such vacancies do not include the obligatory availability of higher education. Employers care about the skills, skills, and experience of mobile programming. Google’s developer certificate will be a good help. It’ll be easier to find work with him. If you are looking for android development jobs, you can browse here.

There are often internship offers in IT companies, which allow you to gain experience and significantly improve your level of skill. This option is beneficial for beginners starting to build a career.

The benefits of working in Android device development

Having sorted out the basic skills, it’s time to talk about the attractiveness of the sought-after IT profession. They are, and there are not so few of them. The first thing to remember is the market share of the Android operating system. According to the latest data, it operates about 84% of mobile devices. That’s about 2 billion users who need different applications. And you can create them by providing yourself with a decent existence.

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Another significant advantage is the low cost of development. First, the company presents its SDK for free. Secondly, you can write code for this platform on any OS. Such small costs promise high profitability of the future project. You can download it from here.

The next advantage is the openness of most of the Android code. This allows you to customize, fix, integrate, improve quickly, and update applications without much difficulty. And the code itself is not so complex, so it is easy for experts to understand it if necessary.

Placing a newly created app in the store takes several hours, and the cost in the Play Store is only $25. For comparison, the AppStore is $100 annually, and after publication there, the product will have to wait about a week until it will be available for download.

And the community of enthusiasts at the Android platform is quite broad and loyal. You can always count on support, advice, and possible help, which is essential for beginners.

And the development of a programming language such as Java will open up other possibilities. Knowing it, you can easily change the scope of your business if you want because it’s also used in web applications, games, and servers.

Weaknesses of Android development

If we talk about the shortcomings, here, in the first place, it is worth mentioning the variety of devices working on the popular platform. On the one hand, it’s excellent, and on the other hand, you need to support the application for different models and screens. In the development process, we will have to create copies to the interface harmoniously looked at on other gadgets, and this is additional work.

Plus, Android exists in various versions because the new ones are not updated on all devices. This is a significant inconvenience, and developers have to face the fact that the new APIs are not supported on older versions.

And, of course, you can’t help but remember such a nuisance as blocking the application. It often occurs without special reasons and clear explanations, which can not be achieved from technical support over time. Monopoly Google acts at its discretion because the whole business is closed, which is not very pleasant. Agree?

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Prospects of the profession of Android development

Having mastered the science of game development for Android, you have a high chance to become a famous and highly paid specialist. There will be no difficulties in finding a job because there are plenty of vacancies at the moment. And this state of affairs will continue for a long time because working with the Android operating system is needed in many areas – from fitness trackers to game consoles. And you don’t have to work for hire. You may well create a product that will bring a good income.

Many areas of the business need quality applications. Every year the number of downloaded products is steadily increasing, and there is an increase in sales inside them.

The Android development environment can create software for smartwatches, TVs and intelligent home systems. Any of these areas can be the basis of your professional activity.

All this allows the development profession to occupy the top positions in the rankings on wages around the world. Requests for programmers are in all countries, so if you want, you can work within your state and apply for vacancies in foreign companies.

It is essential to read the requirements for the applicant carefully for the job desired. If it shows skills you don’t have, you should master them to qualify for the position. In your resume, don’t forget to write about additional skills, if any. Take care of the formation of the portfolio. It can identify works done during training.

Try to prepare in advance for the programming questions that will be asked during the interview. Don’t use the opportunity to demonstrate professionalism to show engagement. Stay confident, and then the dream job will be yours.

Or you may want to create your product, which will be the primary source of profit. Options for implementation in the profession of the developer abound. Go ahead!

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