JavaScript is one of the most sought-after programming languages. Initially, it created various interactive elements on the pages of sites, such as forms. Now Java script has found wide use in multiple areas besides Front-end.

In this article, you’ll find out who JavaScript is and what he does, where to start in this profession, where to look for your first job, and what salary you can claim. We will also tell you what you need to know and be able to work.

Who is a JavaScript developer, and what does he do?

Most JavaScript developers work on the web. They create various scripts that control interactive elements on-site pages: shapes, sliders, pop-ups, and more. With AJAX technology, you can update parts of pages without a complete reboot, allowing sites to be faster.

In addition to websites, professionals in this profession can develop:

  • Browser operating systems.
  • Applied software. For example, JavaScript is used in the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Internet of Things apps (SMART TVs, smartwatches).
  • Macros for office applications, such as OpenOffice.
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Otherwise, the work of a programmer on JavaScript is not much different from the everyday life of other programmers: you need to write code, test it (not always on projects there are software testers), eliminate bugs (errors), understand someone else’s code and refine it.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a JavaScript developer

* This programming language is suitable for beginners. Many people note that javaScript can be uh and easy to start.
* High demand for specialists in the market.
* A good salary, although not the highest in IT. For example, Java programmers or iOS developers may get more.
* By mastering JavaScript, you’ll be able to learn other programming languages more easily in the future.
* After learning the basics of the language, you can start making money. For example, you can sell ready-made scripts for sites.
* High competition among Junior.
* In addition to JavaScript, you need to know other technologies to get your job (let’s talk about it below).
* Language is developing rapidly, so you need to learn and learn new things constantly.

How much do JavaScript programmers earn?

Programmers’ salaries depend on their work experience and level of knowledge. For example, beginner developers on JavaScript (Junior) can claim $1K-$1.5K per month. Middle-level programmers – from $2K-$3K, Senior – up to $4K Team-Lead (Team-Lead) usually receive at the level of $5K per month. These are not the highest salaries among IT professionals, but they cannot be called low.

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On freelance, earnings depend on the number of orders and the level of their complexity. For example, write a simple script for the site costs from $10-$100, and for a complex script, you can take $250-$500. With experience, you’ll accumulate many ready-made solutions that you’ll adapt for a particular project. This will speed up your work and increase your earnings.

What do you need to know and be able to work as a JavaScript developer?

It’s best to learn everything a Front-end programmer needs to know. Among the necessary knowledge and skills are:

  1. JavaScript’s programming language is by default.
  2. Frameworks that speed up work and allow you to solve standard tasks quickly. The most popular frameworks are react.js, vue.js, angular.js. It is enough to study one of them, the most popular in the field where you want to work.
  3. The library of jquery.
  4. HTML and CSS markup language to do the layout.
  5. Learn Git and be able to work with version control systems.

How do I study JavaScript: where to start?

Above, we told you what you need to know and be able to do in this profession. Let’s see how you can build a learning process:

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  • There are different courses where you can learn JavaScript and get practice. For example, netology university has a developer’s Front-end course for beginners (they study JavaScript and other technologies. For advanced, there is a course on React. Training takes place online, teachers – experienced developers.
  • If you want to learn this language deeply, you can sign up for the Fullstack developer program on JS. They teach you how to develop websites and apps on JavaScript from scratch and popular frameworks.
  • If you haven’t done programming or layout before, I recommend going to a free COURSE on the basics of HTML and CSS. They don’t teach JavaScript, but you get a general idea of the future work in the Front-end area, and you can see if you’re interested or not, especially since the course is free.

How do I earn JavaScript for a developer?

Since the language is trendy, there are a lot of money options:

  1. Get into an office or a remote job in a web studio. You can search for vacancies on our site.
  2. To fulfill orders as a private specialist. For example, to work out a layout or to earn on the development of sites. You can search for orders on freelancing exchanges. The main thing is to take orders to cope, not let customers spoil the rating on the exchanges.
  3. You can sell scripts for sites. Here is some example of people selling their scripts.

The sooner you gain experience and gain a portfolio, the easier it will be to look for a new job and increase your potential income. Unfortunately, the market is short of suitable frames, so that an intelligent JavaScript developer can find many exciting suggestions.

Where to find a Javascript developer for a project?

  • Check out a review of sites where you can find a good programmer. It contains valuable resources for employers.
  • Add a vacancy on LinkedIn. It is a popular and free service for finding remote employees.
  • Check out the C.E.C. There you can make a sample of experts on the technology you need.

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