The pattern in the modern world is not considered the best choice. However, not always and not in all areas. Is there any talk about web development, here the situation is somewhat different? Ready-made site templates are now trendy, and there is a simple explanation for this. An online resource is a business tool, not personality, and the main thing in it – efficiency. And if it can be achieved with a well-designed template, why not use it. Moreover, there are plenty of offers.

The benefits of ready-made designs.

Undoubtedly, ready-made templates have several other advantages that cannot be ignored by opting for them. And the first of these is the savings, which is essential for both the customer and the web developer. And at once two important objects – time and money. Both work in favor of business. Sometimes it is essential to catch a wave of success, and there is no time to wait to create the site from scratch.

Another vital advantage of the template is its full alertness. Cases when customers do not fully understand what they want meet with enviable regularity. This is fraught with endless edits and delaying the result. But when there are ready-made solutions, everything goes much more accessible and more manageable.

It is enough to provide options to choose from and wait for the customer’s decision. And that the range does not look meager, you need to replenish it with new templates regularly. There will be no problem with this if you have One subscription from TemplateMonster. With it, you’ll have access to thousands of products to develop sites with full technical support. If you are not yet using this service, you should, especially since we have a nice bonus for its purchase in the form of a 5% discount.

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Another undoubted plus of finished designs – it’s their functionality. They have all the necessary sets of pages, and in the premium variants also dynamic options. In addition, they give a complete picture of the site’s navigation, which is essential for tracking user behavior.

Yes, the template may meet somewhere else in the network. But first of all, how high is this chance? And secondly, there is still an opportunity to make minor improvements that will distinguish the web resource from others on the same template. For example, change the graphic content, the color of the buttons, add the logo.

When to use ready-made designs?

Every company needs a personal space on the Internet, regardless of its scope and scale of business. For most organizations, it is more an image issue than a promotional one. Therefore, the finished design for them is the best solution, which entails many benefits.

Moreover, the site’s value is hidden in its content, the creation of which is entirely in the hands of the rights holder. Here just the stereotype is not welcome and requires 100% unique texts, photos, and videos. They are the ones who contribute more to the promotion and attraction of customers.

A site on a ready-made template is the best choice when:

  • The budget is limited.
  • You need a quick result.
  • There is no need for a broad functionality;
  • It would be best if you had a fast start to sales.
  • It’s a limited-time landing;
  • The project is a start-up;
  • Competitors also use standard layouts.
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Today, e-commerce is a very developed micro-business, growing out of domestic hobbies. For him, template sites are an ideal way to start and promote. Among the consumers of such standard designs should also include freelancers working for themselves and those who want to present themselves in the network.

How do I choose a suitable template for a web resource?

Deciding on the finished template, it remains only to choose it. And there are often specific difficulties. This case requires seriousness and extreme care.

Some essential tips for choosing a good template:

  • Consider the specifics of the site

Knowing the focus of the web resource, pay attention to the presence of the correct elements in the designs. If it is an online store, navigation should be as clear and straightforward as possible. A corporate portal should inspire trust and impress. Children’s theme requires airiness and softness.

  • Objectively evaluate the option.

Do not give in to emotions and choose a pattern according to visual preferences. This is initially the wrong path that can lead to nowhere. Be sure to focus on the expectations of the target audience. And you can learn about them in different ways – from analysis of competitors to banal user survey.

  • Check the template for technical flexibility.

It would be best if you were comfortable with the finished design without having difficulty setting it up. The more editing features you have, the more opportunities for web creativity.

  • Find out about support.
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It is essential to buy templates from manufacturers with a good reputation. There aren’t many of them, but they are. Again, let’s remember TemplateMonster. Many people are familiar with them, as evidenced by the reviews on the network, and many more will undoubtedly cooperate. And all because the guys have been working for a long time, offer a high-quality product, and most importantly – provide full post-sale support.

  • Don’t rush to choose

Rate the fourth and the cons. Once again, look through all the options available and make the right choice, for which you will not be ashamed.

However, always leave room for creativity. Do not blindly focus on the subject set by the creator. From the template for the sale of sweets can come a stylish site to implement the tool. If you fit the design elements, structure, and color design, boldly embody the ideas on it, not paying attention to the standard application.


Do not shrug off the templates, following “revealing” articles on the Internet. If they had not proved their validity, there would not have been so many offers of ready-made designs.

Originality and uniqueness do not always entail a high conversion. Often users are much more pleasant to see the familiar structure rather than get confused in designer chips. And this is from the field of psychology.

After all, the main thing is not the form but the content. Would you argue with that?


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