Copywriting is a popular freelance profession, consisting of writing texts of various nature, most often commercial. Today it brings together thousands of specialists around the world.

The need for compelling copywriting is growing exponentially. High-quality content is used to attract visitors and convert them into potential customers. Hence the high demand for specialists who know- how to word. And despite the predictions of replacing them with artificial intelligence, professional writers continue to demand employees in many companies and freelancers on exchanges.

What does a copywriter do?

Previously, the word copywriter was referred to those who create advertising texts. The most vivid image of such a person is presented in the novel “Generation P.” However, today, it is a real word specialist with universal skills.

A copywriter is a content creator used to promote a product, service, or counseling in a particular area. Today, such specialists work in almost every sector of marketing, advertising, and PR.

Their shared responsibilities include:

  • Generating creative ideas and concepts
  • Researching products/services/themes to target audiences;
  • Writing texts that are persuasive, engaging, and interesting to read;
  • Creating and presenting several content options
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of copywriting at different sites;
  • Use stakeholder feedback to make the necessary changes.

But whether anyone who could write essays at school or had a hobby in the form of poetry can claim to be a copywriter? No! To be successful in the text field, you need to write better than others and be constantly in tone, avoiding burnout and writer’s impasse.

If you want to be a successful copywriter, working from home or in the office, you will need the following tips from the best network writers, left by them on the Internet and in personal books.

What qualities should a good copywriter have?

If you have just started your journey as a text creator, or plan to try your hand, make sure you have the skills and qualities you need. The one called “a good copywriter”:

It’s aimed at the reader.

Aren’t all writers focused on their audience? Not always! In practice, it turns out that many people often lose focus in the writing process and are immersed in what they want to talk about. Great writers write about what excites readers. And this requires pre-scheduling the article, as well as careful consideration of the words used.

Aimed at learning.

A self-respecting writer does not stop improving. He constantly invests in his talent: subscribes to valuable services, reads professional books, buys the latest courses, and attends exciting workshops. And most importantly, he reads colleagues’ materials to constantly really assess the personal, professional level.

Very inquisitive.

The master of words should not just read a lot but eagerly absorb any information. In this case, the ability to listen and hear helps well. Curiosity is also facilitated by various hobbies and interests that change from time to time. And, of course, travel. They help to gain considerable baggage of impressions and knowledge.

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It’s quite modest.

A successful writer does not struggle with all his might, defending every idea presented. It always relies on reader feedback and does not confuse feedback with criticism. He sees the remarks as an opportunity to improve his creative work. For him, the proverb that two heads are better is an integral part of the work.

He can adapt.

Working remotely, you have to adapt quickly to new situations. There is a wide variety of texts in the online format – from posts on Instagram to blogging posts. And each type of content requires matching a particular style. That is why it is essential to choose the right tone of voice that will meet the needs of businesses and consumers.

A good copywriter should also possess:

  • Imagination;
  • Precision
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • Attention to detail
  • Patience;
  • Excellent communication skills.

And, we did not talk about grammar or editing skills- these things mandatory, but over time they can be developed with practice. But the appropriate way of thinking should be initially. If you’re working with the wrong attitude, you can hardly become a good web writer.

15 valuable tips for a copywriter

With the necessary qualities, it is essential to strive to improve writing skills. And this, too, requires constant work on itself.

How not to become a mediocre performer, outstanding monotonous and boring texts? How do you prove yourself to your customers so that they line up for your services?

All these questions have the answers, long-tested by other copywriters, occupying today’s rating positions in the network and freelancing exchanges. You have to take advantage of them, embodying in practice.

Keep reading and researching.

It is unlikely that you will deny the value of filling consciousness with information. A copywriter needs to navigate the world’s events. At the same time, not just to be interested, but to analyze, investigate and draw their conclusions. This will help you write filled texts that are interesting for potential readers. The more information you have, the more valuable your verbal opuses will be.

Speak your ideal customer’s language

Be sure to consider the specifics of the target audience when writing the text. Think of it in stereotypes and categories.

If you speak the language of potential customers, they will be trusted because they recognize themselves in your words. And this will help to build a connection with them and encourage further actions.

Carefully choose the words.

When writing texts for companies and brands, please pay attention to the first line of the site of their competitors. Write down keywords and phrases to avoid them at all costs. This approach ensures that truly high-quality, unique content is produced.

Turn to emotions

You can turn many emotions too, but the key ones are not managed by rational thinking. They are the strongest and most profound. These include fear, greed, guilt, exclusivity, anger.

Clarify the headline

According to the research, headlines are read by five times more people than the texts following them. That is why it is so important to pay special attention to the first line.

Professional authors advise writing the main text first and then pulling out the most vital phrases to form a headline. Keep in mind that a simple phrase is better than a cunning and clever

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Simplify content

The word simplification does not mean abandoning technical terms or elements of business style. There is no need to write, focusing on the level of development of the student.

Simplification means clarity, brevity, and uniqueness. It is necessary to ensure that the target audience understands the proposal and the benefits described in the text as quickly as possible.

Pay attention to the aesthetic side.

Text, like any advertising, should attract. But how to do it without visual design? Simple tools are available for this:

  • Attractive font, easy for the eyes;
  • Short paragraphs
  • Marked and numbered lists
  • Indent quotes;
  • Informative subtitles.

Don’t be afraid of quotes.

Many writers are afraid to quote other authors. It is an indicator of mind and maturity. If the quote is excellent, boldly use it in your creation. This will help to attract even more readers to it.

Edit to victory

Do not rely on an editor or proofreader, even if their presence is implied in the implementation of the project. Rule the text yourself until it satisfies you 100%. Take breaks before re-reading the edited masterpiece once again. Literacy is paramount.

But first, create

Don’t try to correct the text until it’s fully ready. Write it to the end, exposing all thoughts, and only then proceed to criticism. When you start editing as you work, you disable the creative part of the brain. As a result, creation will require more effort and may even come out mediocre.

Use humor

In most cases, it is appropriate. Another thing is that it is difficult to do it. But, if you hone your humorous skills, you will undoubtedly become a sought-after author. Laughter prolongs life.

Use verbs mercilessly

You can argue, but many masters of the pen consider them the essential part of the speech. Any inaccuracy in the choice of the verb will quickly spoil the impressions of the entire work. Yes, and if you create a news story, be sure to put it in the name.

Tell stories

Storytelling is gaining popularity online for a reason. It is practical, and numerical studies prove it. People not only like to read other people’s stories but also are inspired by them. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a story about success or defeat.

Stories, even if made-up, are much closer to the audience than useful and practical texts. Behind them, readers see a living person who is no stranger to their excitement and difficulties. And it’s a sin not to take advantage of that when creating compelling content.

Make a living

Be able to catch the word. Look for the audience’s pain points, and focus on them without sputtering on common themes. In reality, readers do not care about the problems of the world scale. They are much more important than what is happening in their homes.

And here, it is essential to find such micro-difficulty, the solution of which will be directed to your text.

Doubt yourself

Nothing contributes to the emergence of a quality product, as doubt. It is an excellent motivator to improve something and refine it. Doubtfully, you make the brain work more productively.

5 recommendations for effective collaboration with customers

But it is not enough to write quality texts. You still need to interact with customers appropriately. As a freelancer, you have to work for different people and companies, and everyone will have excellent requirements and requests. Your task is to maneuver professionally and provide content that corresponds to the presented technical task as much as possible. And here are the tips:

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Stick to all TK points

Even if you disagree with specific requirements and rules, it doesn’t exempt you from fulfilling them. Either don’t get to work, or do it in strict accordance with the job. Do not exceed the volume of the article, even for free. Don’t bend the keys unless it’s provided. Do not do anything without an agreement. Otherwise, prove yourself as an inattentive and non-executive specialist.

Dive into the theme

When you write texts on a complex or highly specialized topic, be sure to spend time studying it. I don’t think it’s enough to re-register existing content online. Such negligence often ends with the complete anger of the customer. The text created in this way is usually riddled with inaccuracies and semantic errors. And then there’s the straight road to a tainted reputation.

Be prepared for refinements.

They happen, and quite often not always, because it’s poorly written. Sometimes because of an inaccurate technical task or a large number of people agreeing on the final version. Be prepared to finalize the material according to the stated wishes. This is an indicator of maturity and competence.

SEO-optimize by default

Textual content is almost always a promotional tool. And even if the client does not mention optimization, do not forget about it when writing an article.

The well-paid text contains SEO elements by default. The latter increases the value of the work, and most importantly, helps to take high positions in search engines. Don’t forget that.

Stick to deadlines

Compliance is an integral part of any remoter’s job. Non-punctual freelancers do not have a chance of success. That’s why it’s essential to assess your capabilities and determine how long it will take to complete a project.

If the customer sets the deadline, determine whether you can meet it. Do you feel like you’re not going to make it? Don’t risk your reputation. Make it clear to the client that you will not have time to complete the task in the specified time frame and leave behind it the right of final decision. In most cases, the deadline is postponed to convenience for a freelancer.

How to remain a sought-after copywriter?

To become and remain a genuinely successful remote author, it is essential to follow all of the above tips. In general, they boil down to two essential principles: improving the quality of the texts and services provided.

It is essential to understand that any project you have undertaken should be done as productively as possible, regardless of its cost. Do not like the price of the task, do not take it forth.

Learn to sell your services competently, being a freelancer. Otherwise, no one will ever know that you are a brilliant writer. Use the power of the word you know ideally. Create a creative resume, leave original applications for ads on freelancing exchanges, stand out!

And have patience. It will take time to become a sought-after author. Sometimes a year, maybe two or three. You’re going to need perseverance here. Nothing should stop you on the way to recognition—no temporary lack of orders, no grouchy editors.

The more you practice, the better. By improving and correcting mistakes, you will still move forward to success.

And you’ll do it! That’s for sure.


Sanjay is a professional content writer at and is working for several Magazines. As his major project, He is currently interviewing a number of freelancers and digital nomads.

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