In light of recent events, interest in the opportunities of real earnings online has increased markedly. Traditional offline work has come under pressure from quarantine restrictions. The almighty web was at the sight of many applicants. But so are the scammers.

However, the real options for virtual part-time work are becoming more and more. Some of them do not even require absolutely no investment, except for the presence of a gadget and online connection. Most can be used as an additional financial income to the principal place of work, but some options can open a new chapter in life.

What were the best ways to make Money Online in 2021? Let’s get to know each other and choose.

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Top 5 current methods of making a profit online


According to Google Trends, such sales are among the top best ways to earn money on the Internet for the last year. They do not require start-up investments but allow you to sell the product, which is attractive to buyers. Offers from trading companies to cooperate on the terms of dropshipping abound. And many of them offer a ready-made set of tools to customize the business to their own needs – high-quality images of goods for download and the ability to edit descriptions.

You only need to choose a product for sale and a platform to promote. The most popular trading platform today is considered to be Instagram.

YouTube channel

Successful stories related to an incredible financial upswing on videos told a lot. And on entirely different topics – from traditional unpackings to educational channels. One of the highest-paid YouTubes is 7-year-old Ryan, who publishes toy reviews. Therefore, the chances are equal for everyone.

The main thing is to find the right niche, which will be attractive to the audience. And everything from its skills to new, unexplored areas will come in handy here. According to the ratings, either educational or entertaining videos will have a better chance of success.

Blog on Instagram

One of the most sought-after and effective practices of getting money online. So far, this social platform holds the lead in the number of users, so you can have time to take advantage of this state of affairs.

Blogs on Instagram are in high demand among the public, so you should only choose the subject and try your hand. The easiest way to talk about your own life and thoughts. However, it won’t be easy to advance without investments in advertising, and it will take time. To choose – to you.

Freelance Employment

One of the most effective ways to earn money on the Internet from scratch. Everyone has the skills that can be realized by working remotely. Ideal if they belong to your offline profession.

You can find remote vacancies on the freelancing exchange, where orders for assignments in different directions are regularly published. The list of specializations is quite extensive:

  • Programming
  • Writing texts
  • Design
  • Project management
  • Accounting and legal services.

Choose a sphere in which you understand and get acquainted with projects from customers. If you see that you can do the job, boldly leave the application and hope for success.

Handcrafted eCommerce

Any skill is a great reason to organize an online store. Today, the hand-made and everything connected with it is valued. So if you know how to create something, be sure to try to make money on it.

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Many people often do not think that they can do things interesting to the Internet public. But look what today sells in the same Instagram – dream catchers, jewelry, dolls, wooden blanks, paintings.

If you wish, you can occupy a niche that is not yet represented—for example, crafts from unusual materials – wine corks, matches, coins. Turn on the imagination, and make up your way.

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35 ways to earn money on the Internet: from simple to complex

In reality, the list of options for making a profit online is very long. Some bring a minimum income, but some promise a lot of money. The list of requirements for each is, of course, different. Once you know them, you can choose the ones that suit you in all respects.


They still earn in the webspace. True, it’s minimal money, but still. Such work requires neither skills nor investments. You only need time and desire to perform routine activities – click on advertising, browse the web resources, pass tests.

Finding such part-time work is accessible on specialized sites-books. You will need to register, after which you can choose projects and perform them, receiving the stated reward.


The alternative to clicks is liked on social networks. It’s no secret that they can be twisted, and what special services do. And you can help them, getting a penny for their actions. Payment is minimal, of course, but the work is not dusty.


What the modern online business needs are user feedback. They also offer to write for money. Particular literacy and style of speech are not required. On the contrary, everything should be as natural and straightforward as possible.

There are unique portals where you can try to make money on reviews. There you can also get additional financial bonuses for views.

Android/iOS app

Another easy way to get money is to earn money related to applications that need to be installed and possibly take specific actions. Nothing supernatural. But the payment is not significant either.

Affiliate program

I advised – earned. What’s easier? It does not require knowledge and experience. It is enough to publish an affiliate link on your page, and it is ready. There will be transitions – wait for commissions. By the way, Weblancer also has such an opportunity.

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Web resources require careful verification before they can function fully. In other words, they need to be well tested to make it as attractive to users as possible. It is the latter who are involved in such activities.

And you can take part in the testing of the site for a certain amount. You are required to view the resource and leave feedback about it.


Popular now the direction on which many are enriched. Today it has spread to all spheres of life, not just games. You can shoot your life, play a musical instrument, create something – anything.

The main thing is to attract Donations – spectators who are ready to sacrifice their blood to support the author. Revenue on streams is not limited. It would be a desire and imagination to shoot something fascinating.


It’s also an excellent platform for enrichment on videos. Many advertisers consider promotion on it, so it is worth taking advantage of it. And you need to create entertainment content that millions will watch. Have an idea?


Do you like to shoot on camera? Then try selling photos on special websites-banks. And it is not necessary to master the art of shooting perfectly. The main thing is that your pictures are downloaded. And the more, the better. And then, it is essential to think about the topic of photos, trying to predict what users of such banks are interested in.

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Student jobs

If you have fresh knowledge from university time, apply them to good use. Students always need scientific papers, which they, for various reasons, can not write on their own. But they’re always willing to pay to do it for them. Price, by the way, is quite decent, so make no mistake.


Are you friends with the word? Sell texts on unique exchanges. These can be articles on specific topics, reviews, congratulations, and even poems. Again, it would be best if you guessed what interested users are looking for. To do this, check out the sales statistics on your chosen portal.

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If you speak any two languages – this is a good help for part-time work. Translation vacancies can be found on both specialized resources for translators and traditional freelance exchanges. Also, look at the ex-pat community, where for sure your help will be relevant.


Owners of rich imagination and creative thinking can brainstorm to invent a new name or slogan. They take place in an online format on specialized platforms. However, the participant will eventually receive the reward, whose option will be chosen as the winner. But good brainwashing is guaranteed.


Have a pleasant voice and excellent diction? Use them to voice videos or audiobooks. Of course, for such activities, it is desirable to have high-quality equipment, in particular – a microphone and specialized software. You can talk about your skills on social networks and the Linkedin page. If you’re an excellent announcer, the class is sure to find you.


Due to the current quarantine restrictions, a trendy destination all over the world. In the format of online lessons, of course. You can teach, by the way, anything from school subjects to playing guitar. If you have excellent skills in any field, be sure to use them to earn some money.


Do you print well on the keyboard? Or even mastered a quick set? Then try using the skills by deciphering the audio files. All you have to do is print the text you hear from the tape provided. Of course, preferably without errors. There are plenty of vacancies on this part-time job, both on traditional worksites and freelancing exchanges.


With the same skills as in the previous paragraph, you can claim other work related to typing. It consists of reprinting information from scan copies, images, and handwritten documents. Often such services are required for publishers.

Content manager

If attentiveness and scrupulousness are your second “me,” take care of the sites. Most often it is the cards of goods, the number of which reaches impressive figures. You need to work with content management systems (CMS), but you can learn them very quickly if you want to.


The profession is in demand and relevant. You can try it without special knowledge. It is enough to keep a close eye on the information in the territory entrusted for moderation – a group or a forum. The activity is well-paid and straightforward.

Virtual assistant

Since many entrepreneurs build businesses on the Internet, most need virtual assistants to perform different tasks. And you can become one of them if you are well oriented on the world wide web. Jobs should be searched on job portals, freelancing exchanges, and Linkedin.

Network marketing

It still exists. And in the online environment is very actively developing and progressing. And you, too, can try your hand at networking. Choose an exciting product – and go! It is worth noting that today it is not only cosmetics.

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And how about doing online trading, buying goods at wholesale sites, like the famous AliExpress. On small cheap things quite good to earn, making a good mark-up. Competition in this segment is high, but it is not difficult to reach the desired result if you approach the case with creativity.


People with artistic talent should think about selling creations of their authorship. Uniqueness and originality are appreciated everywhere, and the scope of design is no exception. Thus, in the field of logo development, the skills of creating creative sketches are highly valued. The same applies to creating ads in any form. And in the original artistic ideas need tattoo parlors. Create an Instagram page with your creations, and report a willingness to work remotely for payment.

Call Center

Do you like to talk? Then try strength in the role of a call center specialist. This profession is in demand in many companies and does not require a presence in the office. With the help of the phone and the Internet, it is straightforward to work, getting a very decent salary. You only have to learn information about the organization, and you can work quietly.


Due to the significant growth of business accounts in social networks, there was an increased demand for employees whose responsibilities imply page administration. There will be:

  • Respond to comments
  • Accept applications
  • Publish content.

Everything is quite simple and straightforward. Work such as a full-time position is paid.


Demand for remote workers is increasing markedly, but employers do not always have time to find them. And then comes to the rescue of a remote recruiter, who will take on all the responsibilities of finding staff. Communication and analysis will help you in this. And the field of search for performers will quickly become a freelancing exchange, where they abound.


The case, as you know, is noble. But in the case of money, it’s better to think ten times. It is impossible not to think about earnings involving a particular risk, negativity, losses, and other troubles. This is:

  • Buying shares
  • Trading;
  • Mining;
  • Rates
  • Poker
  • Investing in projects
  • Trolling
  • Boot.

The right to choose is left to the person, but it is still better to look at the “white” methods of earning income worldwide.

How do I avoid making mistakes when trying to make money online?

Naturally, the increase in the number of people willing to work online leads to increased scams. The latter also actively explores the above 40 ways of earning money on the Internet, searching for a loophole for deception.

There are often whole projects aimed at fooling gullible users. Sometimes they masquerade as already known portals, replacing in domains symbols or letters. It’s essential to pay attention to that. It’s also worth considering if:

  • Promise fabulous fees;
  • There are only positive reviews.
  • Require insurance or any other premiums;
  • Offer investments at a high-interest rate;
  • Ask to go on strange links.

Be sure to check the information about the employer by available methods carefully. Do not chase super profits and test different species. And, most importantly, do not give up if the first time failed to replenish the wallet.

Instead of confinement

Having learned the 40 best ways to earn money on the Internet, you hope to make sure that there are many opportunities for financial growth on the network. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for extra work, the chances of success are the same.

Evaluate your skills, and choose to your liking. But don’t limit yourself to the list. You may find your original idea of generating income online.

Everything is in your hands! Go for it, and everything will work out!


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