“I’m in my twenties!” are the words of a generation member of the J. Whoever you recently thought was a child would soon have to hire and call you “you.” And you have to be ready for that.

The date of birth of the “zets” starts around 1995, and these people are a future workforce with which to cooperate in the role of colleague or boss. Today they make up 32% of the world’s population, and they have a very different type of thinking, character, and life goals. They need to be understood and motivated adequately to cooperate effectively.

So who are they Q-generation? What do they want, and where do they want? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

How do the employees of the future stand out and distinguish?

Barely used to millennials, it is necessary to adapt to new young people, distinguished by good technical savvy and mobility. They can do several tasks at the same time without losing the quality of results. They are overly expressive, independent, and ambitious.

Since childhood, the generation has been actively using the Internet, quickly adopting new technologies, and is not afraid to test new digital products. This has contributed to their over-openness and curiosity and about everything.

The new 20-year-olds will not respect the boss for his position and regalia. It is important to them that the leader listened to them, and at the same time, had a particular set of abilities. And, yes, scientists have concluded that they will be better employees than all of us combined, because:

  • strive for more and are not limited to mediocre performance;
  • do what they love, getting absolute pleasure and even excitement from it;
  • have a mindset of start-ups – independent and creative;
  • do not follow the usual path of career growth – school, institute, job search. They can start earning money as a high school student, then get a job, and only after – to get a diploma remotely;
  • do not set clear boundaries between work and personal life; work in freelance mode.
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However, it is also worth knowing that the new generation is skeptical of all manifestations of the corporate culture. They associate it with pressure, stress, and a poor working atmosphere. According to surveys, the ideal company should correspond to innovative, international, ethical, and fun characteristics.

Generation: How to set goals for today’s twenty-year-old?

Considering the peculiarities of modern young people, it will not be possible to manage them by the previous methods. To acquire effective employees, you will have to rethink the entire management and management approach. Fortunately, scientists and psychologists have identified strategies that help understand how to set tasks for twenty-year-olds and do it as effectively as possible. They will be helpful to all who plan to develop and work effectively in the next 10-20 years.

Trust them.

They prefer to work autonomously, fully immersed in the project. They like to feel responsible for the task, so do not deprive them of the opportunity to prove themselves. Let them apply creativity and become part of the embodiment of a key business idea. Remember that they are not interested in moving up the career ladder but want to see the results of their work. They want to be part of the common cause.

Representatives of the generation are single-minded and not afraid of failure. In the latter, they see a signal that it is necessary to develop, learn and improve. They need stimulating tasks with tangible goals.

Make personal contact.

Yes, “zets” like to communicate on the Internet, unlike previous generations. They meet there, make new friends and discuss working moments. And they do it, both in the office and freelance. But! They often feel lonely.

Therefore, it is essential to encourage them to contact, bypassing the “favorite” technologies personally. For this purpose, activities in the spirit of strategic sessions, brainstorming, or mentoring classes are perfect. Attract them to the communication, but without inflection in the corporate gripe.

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Use their strengths.

For example, a craze for technology, and in particular, video. Today’s youth are not afraid of the camera but interact closely with it. And it can be a valuable asset for the business. The main thing is to understand how to get it back on track. Self-presentation or branding videos can play into the hands of any company. Trust them to create “zetam,” and an effective result will not belong in coming.

Keep them informed.

Transparency in everything is an essential component of effective interaction with Generation J. They need to be clear about the company’s goals to develop motivation. They are interested in project feedback and all the financial costs associated with them. They need information without withholding. Otherwise, they will lose confidence, and with it and interest in the work they do.

They care about the overall success of the company they work for. When they join an organization, they are often not interested in the social package, but they want to know what contribution they can make to its development. They’re looking for mentors, not employers.

Please give them a flexible schedule.

The new generation does not accept work schedules at a strictly set time. They understand the value of remote work more than anyone else. They need to be evaluated on productivity, not by the number of hours spent in the office.

The barrier between work and personal life has been completely erased from the “zets.” They want to keep up, and they’re good at it. Just put up with it and allow them to work on a fee schedule. The results will show whether this is the right thing to do.

Develop and develop.

Modern twenty-year-olds crave to grow professionally, not vertically but horizontally. They are studying new technologies with interest and do not want to stand idle, doing the job just well. They need to organize training and send to master classes constantly. And it is better to buy them an online course, which they will gladly pass at a convenient time.

And don’t stand still yourself. Bring new projects to the business. Otherwise, the “zets” will leave without hesitation. They want to see development and are ready to spout ideas and plans for this. Accept it, and use it to the maximum.

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Minimum documents.

The usual paper form will have to be forgotten, whether it is an application for a job or a report on the new project. The new generation is used to receiving and delivering information digitally. It is much easier for them to understand a bright presentation or infographic than a dozen sheets filled with textual material. They love to see pictures, and even better – a well-recorded video.

Use special computer programs that will help organize the most convenient and understandable work for future employees. The most famous and popular software today:

  • Trello
  • MeisterTask
  • Planner
  • Kaiten
  • Planiro

And remember that it’s easy to get the attention of employees with visual information effectively. Better yet, to present it in a 3D format.

Instead of an afterword.

There are only a few years left until the “zets” burst into the labor market and become its dominant force. That is why it is already necessary to involve them in work, applying the above recommendations. This will help continue to be with them on the same wavelength and develop the business by the new laws of time.

Introduce new technologies, try to collaborate with freelancers, and delegate more power to exist employees. Practice remote cooperation because we are relentlessly moving towards its dominance. According to forecasts, this could happen as early as 2027. And it is pretty expected, given that modern twenty-year-olds prefer to travel the world and spend time with loved ones, simultaneously earning money.

They are focused on finding the truth. They are alien to labels because they appreciate individuality. And they sincerely believe in the power of dialogue in resolving any conflict and improving the world as a whole.

This generation is born to run startups, change businesses and save the planet. So let’s help them with this and let them realize the potential. Well, or at least let’s not get in the way.

And what do you think of the generation Q?


Sanjay is a professional content writer at Onlineparttime.com and is working for several Magazines. As his major project, He is currently interviewing a number of freelancers and digital nomads.

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